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ICQSender is a little application which enhances the functionalities of ICQ 2003a build 3800 and ICQ 2003b build 3916.
It allows you to capture your screen, modify pictures, record sounds, get your IP and send it to your contacts.
Below you can see some screenshots of the application.
At the bottom of the page, you'll find the features all this freeware.
Two languages available : English & Franšais

Setup file Download ICQSender V9.0.1.0 ( 1234 downloads ) ( 1222 kb )
Setup file Download ICQSender Anthems 1.1 ( 581 downloads ) ( 2450 kb )
Setup file Download ICQSender Keyboard French for Send Message Window 1.0 ( 574 downloads ) ( 1871 kb )

Some screenshots...
Main window
Main window
Systray menu
Systray menu
Send message window
Send message
Edit picture
Edit picture
Context menu for users
Context menu for users

Revision history
( Consider this as the features matrix and a documentation ) Bug fix The Alt-Click lets you capture a part of the screen. New You can send by mail, your pictures, sounds and files. Bug fix In the Edit Picture Window, with the guides the font choicedoesn't work. Improved Updates of the users values are modified to keep no blank value. Improved Descending sort with the number of received files and the number of users by country in the Statistics window. Bug fix The guides were always shown even if disabled. Improved Guides added before drawing new shapes. New Guides are added in the Edit Picture window to facilitate positioning shapes between them. Bug fix The drag & drop to open file or to add file to send is repaired. New Firefox added for the URL.. Bug fix Bad caption for FTP password corrected in the FTP configuration window.
Sometimes, ICQSender didn't close when Windows shutdown. New You can capture a part of the screen (Alt+Click on Capture button). New You can directly print the picture from its context menu. New You can send the current picture by e-mail (if you wanna send it to several users, you can separate differents e-mails with comma). Improved In the Edit Picture Window, the Arrow tool draws a bigger arrow. Bug fix The Send Sound by FTP button didn't work well. Improved New menu style in the Edit Picture Window.
Bug fix Menu didn't disappear till you don't click one item. Bug fixes No more error should occur when you shutdown ICQSender.
Bad caption for FTP password corrected in the Preference window. Improved A toolbar replaces the popupmenu in the Statistics window. Improved Design update for statistics. Improved More statistics and options for them. New Statistics added to the users menu. New You can import your XML contacts datas from your clipboard.
Very usefull if you have several computers and you want to copy your datas from one to another. Improved You can use the multiselection to choose the contacts you wanna export in XML. Bug fix XML corrected for one contact. Improved DTD added to the XML. New You can export your list in XML format in your clipboard from the users list. Improved The message windows are on top when you choose the StayOnTop option. Bug fix The Capture button in the Edit Picture works better. Improved The position of the Send Message Window is memorized. Bug fix ICQSender closed itself after a while when you activate the remember of the last position. New ICQSender can remember is last position for itself and for the Edit Picture Window. Bug fix When you launch two times the application, the first one can be minimized after beeing restored.
Full download mandatory ! New You can open jpeg or bmp files from your Windows explorer.
Full download mandatory ! Bug fix Context menu of the picture didn't display if the picture was saved. Improved You can capture images from your image acquisition devices via TWAIN. Improved You can double-click the picture to edit it and drag & drop it if it is saved to the list of Files to Send. Improved When you use ICQSender Offline, you can upload pictures or sounds to your FTP and get the URL of the file in your clipboard even if you don't select any contact. New You can put a picture from the preview to the files to send. Improved When you ask to open this webpage, the webpage of the language you choose is opened. Bug fix The static IP wasn't selected well each time... Bug fix The last chosen language wasn't selected by default when you go back to the Preferences window.. (Thx to CVince) New You can select between two languages :
  • English English
  • French French

  • Full download mandatory ! Bug fix ICQSender lets you shutdown Windows instead of minimize.;o) New Magnify window can be transparent on Windows 2000 or XP.
    Improved Magnify window reused the last properties chosen and its position. Bug fix ICQSender can restart instead of minimize.;o) New Option to replace the Close of ICQSender by Minimize. Then only use this button : Quit the application New You can open a magnify window to zoom the picture.
    New You can drag & drop an image directly on the Picture Preview. Bug fix If you use the Stay On Top option, ICQSender detects another instance of itself which was wrong... New You can send the picture by email. Improved If you launch ICQSender twice, the first one is shown.
    Bug fix Restart is better managed. Full download mandatory ! Bug fix You can minimize the application.
    Bug fix If you select the option Stay On Top, the ICQSender's windows are on top of all the others windows... even the MessageDialogs, the Open/Save dialogs, ... So I invite you to not use this feature... Improved Restart is better managed. Full download mandatory ! New You can have ICQSender staying on top. Improved When you Select All in the Edit Picture Window, the select tool is selected by default. New Button to Select All in the Edit Picture Window. Bug fix Management of disabling buttons are better. (Thx to Glabou) Bug fix You wasn't able to delete the files to send in some case. (Thx to Glabou) New Size of the selection added in Edit Picture Window.
    Improved Colors are better managed in Edit Picture Window. New Context menu item added to browse the directory of the selected file or directory Bug fix Password didn't update. (Thx to CVince) Bug fix Bad restart still discovered, and should be corrected. (Full installation needed). (Thx to Glabou) Bug fix Buttons to test FTP configuration and URL are working properly. Bug fix Bad restart corrected. Improved ICQSender checks for a new release if option checked at each refresh. New Context menu on the Quit button to let you restart the application. New You can restart ICQSender if you click on the Quit button with the Control Key pressed.
    Improved The toolbar in the Edit Picture Window is resized when needed. New You can set a static IP in the preference window. New A preference window has been added. New Context menu added to the list of files to let you :
  • Remove the selected file
  • If the selected file is a picture, you can load it into the picture preview
  • New You can take printscreen with Ctrl+Print : They are automatically saved and added to the files to send.
    Bug fix You shouldn't need anymore a magnifying glass to look at your printed pictures. Improved Contacts informations and Frequently used sentences are encrypted in registry.
    Improved You can type an IP of your choice in your information. Improved When you print the picture, you have to choose your printer's parameters. New ICQSender can launched at Windows startup.
      Bug fixes Website's downloads were sometimes incompleted. It shouldn't occur again... Improved In the Edit Picture Window, when you deselect and then select the same tool to draw, the Color Dialog Box is reopened.
    The Color Dialog Box is opened in FullMode which allows you to easily select a custom color. Bug fix Bad download of ICQSender Anthems and ICQSender Keyboard French for Send Message Window corrected. New You can print your picture or your selection in picture on your default printer.
    New ICQSender checks the version of ICQSender Anthems and ICQSender Keyboard French for Send Message Window if there are installed.
    Bug fix Number of contact in the title bar of ICQSender are wrong when you used ICQSender offline.
    Bug fix You can't browse anymore the incoming file folder when you don't select a user. Improved Context menu of the picture has been changed. Improved Number of contact in the title bar of ICQSender. Bug fix Default sound played when the ICQSender Anthems 1.1 isn't installed ! Improved Support of ICQ 2003b build #3916 should be improved.
    New Sound changed in ICQSender Anthems 1.1 Improved Support of ICQ 2003b build #3916 should be improved. Improved When the list is refreshed, the last sort order is applied again.
    ICQ 2003b build #3916 should be supported : Thx to my tester, Glabou ! Bug Fix When you wanna capture the last focused application, you oftenly got the taskbar. Bug Fix When you wanna capture the last focused application, you oftenly got the taskbar. Improved You can get the URL in you clipboard when you are offline.
    Bug fixes Bad application caption sometimes removed. Bug fix When you worked offline, the Sound's buttons didn't enabled.
    The selection in the Files to Send disappeared. Bug fix When you worked offline, the FTP Send Sound Button was enabled even is no sound was recorded. New You can filter out the offline users. Since the version, we can see the offline users... But they are very soon taking lots of place useless...;o) Bug fix When you get a picture of a contact, the application doesn't stop well. Improved The DLL checks is the EXE is the good version.
    Bug fixes If you never use the button to check the release, there's no check which is not the default value... Bug fixes When you use ICQSender in offline mode (without ICQ), you can no more double-click on a user Bug fixes ICQSender didn't restore correctly after a screen capture.
    It should be no more error message when you wanna send a message, your IP (Only happen on few kind of configuration) Improved When you send your IP, it works with split message mode. Improved You can make captures from the menu of the image Improved You can edit, paste pictures when you are offline. Improved You can use ICQSender offline : When ICQ is not launch, you can upload images and sounds on your FTP and get the URL in the clipboard. Bug fixes Minimize At Startup doesn't crash anymore the application. (Thx to Glabou)
    The Show ICQSender Menu item works well. Improved FTP Password are locally saved encrypted. New Users are locally saved to be shown when they are offline et let you send them messages. New You can browse the incoming file folder of your contacts, when it exists and is by default. New You can upload a sound on your FTP server and automatically send the URL of the Web Server Bug fix Only when the transfer failed, the FTP configuration's window automatically opens.;o) Improved When the transfer failed, the FTP configuration's window automatically opens. New You can upload a picture on your FTP server and automatically send the URL of the Web Server (Facility to cross Firewall) Bug fix Minimize/Maximize bug corrected New Updates can be done automatically when you launch the application. Improved When you have installed the ICQSender Keyboard French, you can switch it off. New Paths of Files to Send are shorted when they are too longer. New ICQSender checks the version of the ICQ when it starts (You disable this check when you disable the check of the version)
    Bug fix Button to add directory doesn't resize correctly ! (Thx to Glabou) New From this version, you'll be not warned about the new build updates. (This only checks the Major, Minor & Revision versions) Improved You can easily add directory to the Send List Improved Icon for drawing arrows have been changed (I really dislike the previous version, that's why I publish another build ;o)) New You can draw an arrow in the Edit Picture New You can disable the automatic check of updates.
    Improved Triple / removed from send file. New Two others setup files added to add some sounds to the application
    New Setup file instead of the compressed files
    Bug fix Bad captions are sometimes visible... removed ! Bug fix Windows resized to better display with XP themes Bug fix Bad display with XP themes Bug fix When you resize the application, flags were sometimes bad drawed. It should be corrected New You can copy/paste in the Edit Picture Improved Menus added to manage the desktop captures New You can capture the desktop directly from the application without using your clipboard :
  • Click : captures the desktop
  • Ctrl + Click : Automatically minimize the application, and captures the desktop
  • Shift + Click : Capture the application with the focus, so ICQSender
  • Ctrl + Shift + Click : Capture the application with the focus (ICQSender is minimized before the capture)
  • Bug fix Application size was bad with Windows XP. No more scrollbar in main fom Improved Some messages boxes have been changed Bug fix Can restore window when start minimized corrected Improved Work around coded to avoid the ICQ Bug for the notify "list update" Improved Windows are snappable Improved The main window is screen centered instead of desktop centered Improved Windows are centered from their parent (instead of desktop) New ICQ Bug is corrected by code : you can send message directly even if the icq's window's message is already opened Improved You can save the picture when you want. Only one picture will be made when it will be send New You can choose to have the application minimized when it starts Improved When a new version is available, you can directly check the website :o) Improved The URL to get the user picture has been updated Improved Last tool used is still on after used it. Improved Ctrl+Z instead of Ctrl+U in the Edit Picture window Bug fix Disable the context menu item for the country when no user selected Bug fix You can sort on flag colum New Menu to see the country of a guy New Flag added to the users Bug fix Synchronization between sound buttons and sound menu corrected Improved Saved files (Pictures and sounds) have their name with date and time instead of a number Improved Sound are synchronously played Improved A Sound Menu added in the Systray menu New You can record sounds and send them via ICQ Bug fixes Resizes have better constraints New You can add points in the picture Bug fix The toolbar shouldn't disappear again... Bug fixes Inserting text, Filling or Picking color can be used without drag & drop New You can Fill and Pick Color in Edit Picture New You can create an empty picture New You can draw simple forms in the Edit Picture Improved Contrast is better in the preview of insert text in Edit Picture New You can add text in the picture
    Improved The cursor is more precise in the Edit Picture Workaround Toolbar 's buttons sometimes disappear... Link added to quickly relaunch the application Bug fix Address error when trying to send empty message which is not supported by ICQ New You can double-click the user list to send a message to users
    Bug fix Lots of bugs fixed in the Edit Picture window. Improved The userlist is less flashing New The list is automatically updated when the online userlist change
    Improved You can modify the picture at 50% preview New Automatic check if a new release is available (only one time by session)
    Improved Button to add frequently used sentences
    New You can undo the last modification in the picture window
    New Buttons to browse old pictures and remove them
    Bug fix Impossible to minimize the application when you launch it several times corrected Improved All the messages to warn if the DLL or if ICQ is not launched have been removed to let you start the application before ICQ.
    Improved All different screens of the application are centered in the screen.
    Improved Gender and country are totally written instead of their codes
    Improved Owner informations have been moved to another screen to let more place, and more resize available
    Bug fix Normally, you can't have anymore the users twice or more.
    Improved You can double-click the picture to edit it
    Improved You can only launch one time the application Improved Edit Picture button added
    Bug fix Resize window bugs probably fixed ;o) Bug fix When no user selected in the list, access violation ! (Thx to StJo) New Erase selection in Edit Picture
    Improved Resize window added to choose the resize value (Bug if too big values) New Edit Picture added New Menu to send mail, go to homepage, get host New Send files added (with Drag & drop)
    Improved Url from IE or Mozilla for default Send URL Creation First release


    Tested with
    Internet Explorer 6.0 Mozilla 1.4