Whiler's freewares
WBFHQ ConnectionLogger
Whiler BFHQ - Battlefield 2 Stats ConnectionLogger Log Reader
WHFHQ allows you to get all your Battlefield 2 statistics without launching your BF² or your browser.
You can see all your stats, manage your team and see all the stats of each members, create charts, export your data in XML, PHP or JavaScript.
ConnectionLogger is a Windows service to install which enables you to log your internet connection state.
It generates simple log files which contains the datetime and status of the connection at this moment.

ConnectionLogger Log Reader is an application which can display the log files in charts and helps to configure the service behaviour.
Infos Awards
Server Server Browser
Download WBFHQ Download WBFHQ
( 71005 downloads )   ( 1592 kb )
Download ConnectionLogger package Download ConnectionLogger package
( 1537 downloads )   ( 765 kb )
ICQSender A.C.M.V.
Auto Change Microphone Volume
ICQSender is a little application which enhances the functionalities of ICQ 2003a build 3800 and ICQ 2003b build 3916.
It allows you to capture your screen, modify pictures, record sounds, get your IP and send it to your contacts.
ACMV is a very little freeware which automatically changes your recording microphone volume.
In fact some softwares change your recording volume... I did it to set the volume as I want against the others.
Main screen Picture editor
Download ICQSender Download ICQSender
( 1234 downloads )   ( 1222 kb )
Download A.C.M.V. Download A.C.M.V.
( 1750 downloads )   ( 274 kb )
Exchange FileName Whiler Show Params
EFN is a freeware that allows you from a selected directory, to swap filenames between several files.
Let's take an example :
  • We have 4 files :
    • a.jpg, b.jpg, 1.gif & 2.png
  • We add (drag & drop) a.jpg & b.jpg in the first column.
  • We add 1.gif & 2.png in the second column.
  • *
  • We click on the swap button and we obtain :
    • 1.jpg, 2.jpg, a.gif & b.png
I created this application because I needed it when I developed WBFHQ to easilly use better images inside it.
WSP is a very light application which stores in a log file the parameters it receives.
When you wanna know the parameters used by an application, you just have to :
  • Save WSP in the folder where the application is.
  • Rename the original application with the prefix _
  • Rename WSP with the original application name.
  • Start the application as usual
After a log file is created in the folder with the name of the application, the date, the time and the extension .log
Then just read the content of the log file.
Download EFN Download EFN
( 1800 downloads )   ( 314 kb )
Download WSP Download WSP
( 1740 downloads )   ( 32 kb )
Whiler Puissance 4 Console Whiler Own Medias Provider
WP4C is a little application to play "Connect 4" with a friend on the same computer (French version only).

This application was coded for a French Delphi Developper Community challenge.
WOMP is a freeware which allows you to access all your MP3 and pictures from a remote computer.

This is a light HTTP Server which is reached with a browser showing you the content of a root directory you specified. Then you can click on music(MP3, M3U & PLS) to directly listen it from your browser or on a picture(BMP, JPG, GIF & PNG)to view it. Or you can navigate throw the subfolders.

From the computer where you have the files, simply run WOMP and you can listen to your music from everywhere.

This server allows you to add users if you wanna have authentification instead of anonymous connections.

All authentified users can manage their own playlists and use them from everywhere in the world.
Server Browser
Download WP4C Download WP4C
( 1769 downloads )   ( 30 kb )
Download WOMP Download WOMP
( 1007 downloads )   ( 514 kb )
WGL wFreeboxProxy
Whiler Google Logos Whiler Freebox Proxy
A friend collects Doodle Google logos... here is an application I create to simplify his life...
This application allows remote access to the Internet provider box, Freebox, from outside your network.
You can access the FTP and watch the TV channels.
WGL wFreeboxProxy
Download WGL Download WGL
( 2056 downloads )   ( 732 kb )
Download wFreeboxProxy Download wFreeboxProxy
( 3479 downloads )   ( 1590 kb )
Whiler Remove Directory Whiler TViX
Allow to remove directory and its subfolders even when they are very deep.
Manage your TViX and TViXiE files.
Download wRD Download wRD
( 1760 downloads )   ( 398 kb )
Download wTViX Download wTViX
( 1898 downloads )   ( 2316 kb )
wTSP wGetAndroidSnapshot
Whiler Travelling Salesman Problem Whiler Get Android Snapshot
Calculate the shortest way between positions from a Google Earth file.
Get screenshots from your android device. Generate scripts for Monkey runner.
Main screen Picture editor
To get snapshots Monkey Runner editor
Download wTSP Download wTSP
( 2022 downloads )   ( 530 kb )
Download wGetAndroidSnapshot Download wGetAndroidSnapshot
( 2894 downloads )   ( 750 kb )
wScreenSleeper LCDwClock
Whiler Screen Sleeper LCD Whiler Clock
Put in standby mode all your screens from a keyboard shortcut.
Clocks, magnify, calendar for G19 keyboard's LCD.
Date & time Analog clock
Download wScreenSleeper Download wScreenSleeper
( 2865 downloads )   ( 1905 kb )
Download LCDwClock Download LCDwClock
( 2284 downloads )   ( 1455 kb )
wCatPawScreensaver wSnowflakes
Whiler Cat Paw Screensaver Whiler Snowflakes
Screensaver which allows you to select your own pattern to display.
Screensaver with snowflakes.
wCatPawScreensaver wSnowflakes
Download wCatPawScreensaver Download wCatPawScreensaver
( 1765 downloads )   ( 1559 kb )
Download wSnowFlakes Download wSnowflakes
( 2197 downloads )   ( 2326 kb )
wYAES wDivision
Whiler Yet Another Emails Sender Whiler Division
An application which allows you to send emails.
Train yourself to solve divisions.
wYAES wYAES: Options
wDivision wDivision: Parameters
wYAES Download wYAES
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 2022 downloads ) ( 1858 downloads )
( 1888 kb ) ( 2699 kb )
wDivision Download wDivision
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 2122 downloads ) ( 1973 downloads )
( 1934 kb ) ( 2479 kb )
Version française   English version   Russian version Version française   English version   Russian version
wMJPG Viewer wColor
Whiler MJPG Viewer Whiler Color
wMJPG Viewer displays a MPJG stream. It can be used with an IP camera which broadcasts this kind of stream.
wColor lets you pick the color of you choice and get its Red, Green, Blue channels, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, hexadecimal value, ...
wMJPG Viewer wColor
wMJPG Viewer Download wMJPG Viewer
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 1525 downloads ) ( 1462 downloads )
( 1700 kb ) ( 2458 kb )
wColor Download wColor
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 1704 downloads ) ( 1432 downloads )
( 1552 kb ) ( 2231 kb )
wText2QR wDices
Whiler Text to QR Whiler Dices
To generate QR codes, Micro QR codes and DataMatrix.
Easily customize your QR codes with backgrounds, logos, custom shapes, and much more...
This application has been done to train myself with FireMonkey and the 3D.
Source code is also available.
Below, you can find the compiled application.
wText2QR wText2QR
Download wText2QR Download wText2QR
( 5252 downloads )   ( 1764 kb )
wDices Download wDices
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 1320 downloads ) ( 1258 downloads )
( 1541 kb ) ( 2207 kb )
wImageSplitter wJpegMetaData
Whiler Image Splitter Whiler JPEG Metadata
wImageSplitter allows you to watch your sprites contained in a same image, split them in several images files, generate HTML page to show them, apply effect and filter on them.
wJpegMetaData allows you to update the metadata (EXIF|IPTC) of your JPEG images, compare folders to check if images are the same or not, visually compare images which differ.
wImageSplitter wJpegMetaData
wImageSplitter Download wImageSplitter
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 1473 downloads ) ( 1321 downloads )
( 1726 kb ) ( 1344 kb )
Download wJpegMetaData Download wJpegMetaData
( 1600 downloads )   ( 2583 kb )
wBetaSeries wFindIt
Whiler BetaSeries Whiler Find It
wBetaSeries allows you to manage your favorite shows.
Check which episodes you have watched, share shows with friends, and much more...
wFindIt is a little game to train your visual acuity.
wBetaSeries wBetaSeries wBetaSeries
wBetaSeries Download wBetaSeries
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 4311 downloads ) ( 3914 downloads )
( 2172 kb ) ( 3408 kb )
wFindIt Download wFindIt
For Windows For Mac OS X
( 1567 downloads ) ( 1552 downloads )
( 2078 kb ) ( 2673 kb )
wBootAnimationFramesGenerator wMonitors
Whiler Boot Animation Frames Generator Whiler Monitors
Generate animation frames using source and target images.
Lock the mouse in a specific monitor.
wBootAnimationFramesGenerator wMonitors
Download wBootAnimationFramesGenerator Download wBootAnimationFramesGenerator
( 2390 downloads )   ( 1846 kb )
Download wMonitors Download wMonitors
( 2124 downloads )   ( 940 kb )
wTimer wVolumeDisplay
Whiler Timer Whiler Volume Display
Configure and run a timer.
Display the volume when it changes.
wTimer wVolumeDisplay
Download wTimer Download wTimer
( 1924 downloads )   ( 3520 kb )
Download wVolumeDisplay Download wVolumeDisplay
( 2762 downloads )   ( 3412 kb )
wShareImage wHangoutsImages
Whiler Share Image Whiler Hangouts Images
Capture, edit images and share them on your FTP server.
Get images from Hangouts history backup.
wShareImage wHangoutsImages
Download wShareImage Download wShareImage
( 2181 downloads )   ( 4908 kb )
Download wHangoutsImages Download wHangoutsImages
( 3168 downloads )   ( 3743 kb )
wFlickrPhotosLinker wICUErestarter
Whiler Flickr Photos Linker Whiler iCUE Restarter
The primary goal of the application is to be able to associate photos to several groups and/or albums.
The user can define sets of groups or albums to quickly reuse them later.
This application checks if the process iCUE.exe is running and starts it if not, logging the date and time.
wFlickrPhotosLinker wFlickrPhotosLinker wFlickrPhotosLinker
Download wFlickrPhotosLinker Download wFlickrPhotosLinker
( 2131 downloads )   ( 7738 kb )
Download wICUErestarter Download wICUErestarter
( 1342 downloads )   ( 1236 kb )
wPower Management  
Whiler Power Management  
Define your default Power Plan and prevent using other ones.
wPower Management  
Download wPower Management Download wPower Management
( 1171 downloads )   ( 1560 kb )